Leslie Bull: poet, performance artist, filmmaker

whore revelation 21:8 --ode to deer woman--

by Leslie Bull

nameless scared feelings
writing in bibles
visiting prison
placing her name
in your holy book.
the thrill of fear
motel 6
room 257
i want to be 254
cause it rhymes with more
yet 7
rhymes with heaven
and i am
after all, desecrating
a bible
as i write
the holy bible
containing old
and new testaments
translated out of the
original tongue
commonly known
as the authorized
(king james)
with quotes in 27
read by
3/4ths of the world's
they say
in the cover
the page for help
in time of need.
i need.
need you
to stop threatening me
with your
lakes of fire.
i swim in lakes
and they found my sister
dead in a river,
but a lake
of fire?
no. my lakes
are wet
moist and cool
teaming with life
and death
but not by fire
or your puny god
not by your pale hands.
i've kicked you sideways
upside the head
with my sharp heels
my pointed hooves
kick, kick
back out of
the car
splayed on cement.
truth is, i got away

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